Increase the VALUE of your veterinary visit

Your plan for the day: get your pet to the veterinarian *sigh*. Does this pre-determined day generally go like this? Sweating buckets in the Arizona heat trying to get your dog in the car or find/ put your cat into a carrier, listen to them howl, pant, and sometimes vomit on the way in, act like you haven’t taught them any manners once you arrive, attempt to check in with the veterinary receptionist while trying to manage your pet (no don’t go to the bathroom right there!), wait for an undetermined amount of time in the veterinary lobby even though you planned ahead and made an appointment, finally make it into the exam room, see the veterinarian for about 5-7 minutes and struggle with your pet to BEHAVE while being examined, you are so flustered you have no idea what you wanted to ask the doctor or even what you are really there for, struggle to manage your now irritated pet (after being poked and prodded) while holding the bag of goodies  the technician gave you and pay your bill. Then the car ride starts all over again. Once home, you attempt to read the instructions on the bottles in the bag of goodies  and have totally forgotten what they each were for or any special instructions given to you.

You aren’t the only one.

Veterinary visits are generally nerve wracking for both you and your pet. Here are some hints to making the most out of your veterinary time.

  • When making the appointment, give yourself enough time in case of catastrophe, i.e. you can’t find your cat.
  • While on the phone, the veterinary receptionist should prompt you to fast your animal if appropriate or collect any samples that may be needed. If they don’t, ASK!
  • Give the receptionist information to retrieve previous medical records prior to your visit.
  • Take advantage of online client and patient forms at
  • If bringing in more than one pet, ask a family member for help.
  • Take your pet to go potty right before the visit unless otherwise instructed.
  • Keep your pet on a leash or in a carrier until the technician or doctor is ready. Make sure the collar is snug, pets are magicians they can slip out of just about anything!
  • Write down any questions you may have prior to your veterinary visit so you don’t forget them once the doctor is in the exam room.
  • Write down the answers to the questions! This will provide a way to look back and “remember” after all the chaos is over.
  • Write down any special instructions such as when a re-check exam should be scheduled.
  • Ask for a TREATMENT PLAN prior to allowing any procedures. This will allow you to see what the estimated costs will be for the procedures recommended.
  • Bring a shoulder bag to place any bag of “goodies”, written instructions, your notebook of questions, an extra potty bag (just in case), or any treats that may help your pet during the visit.

When in doubt, CALL! We love to answer questions and give further instruction.

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